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Auditing Your Business

Audit your plans to ascertain the level of correctness and status.


Assessment of Existing Recovery Provision

It is useful to integrate existing contingency provisions into the BC planning process, at an early stage. This can be useful, because it will confirm the relevance of previous BC work and guarantee the co-operation of the previous planners.

Existing provisions can be anything from full BC plans to a list of home and mobile telephone phone numbers, or the appointment of fire-wardens and first aid officers. These should be re-assessed and incorporated into the final BC plans.


Full Audits

Addresses  structure, clarity and practical effectiveness of any contingency, department business continuity, business resumption and disaster recovery plans.

Investigative Audits

Designed to not only look at those aspects contained in the full audit but also understand the assumptions and methodologies  which have been used in the creation of the plan. Therefore  it involves interviewing key personnel in critical departments and comparing the information collated through this exercise with that which is contained in the finished plan.

Business Audits

Looks at the complete business to understand and ascertain those functions which are critical to its continuance. The information determined from this audit can then be used to create a strategy for business continuity and from this the business continuity plans.

Specific Audits

Designed to review a particular area of the business, business function or business process.

For example, a Dealer Room function, site communications, a manufacturing process. Each audit will highlight the risks intrinsic to that area, with a review of how these are currently addressed, and a commentary on the effectiveness of any plans and recommendations for risk reduction and any safeguards required.


Due to the nature of testing it includes all the important aspects required for a full review. 

Audit includes an interview with each of the key individuals involved in your organization's current BCP. 

 The finished product from this audit help you to:


  • Confirmation of assumptions about your current planning or methodology.

  • Benchmarking of your business recovery plan to industry standards.

  • Identification of any omissions.

  • Identification of additional business continuity planning needs for your organization.


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       Regional Director for BCM: Nicholas Rushton-Young FIBCM CBCP BCCE MBCI