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Command Centre Assessment


Information Management is Critical

The Command Center is ultimately a center for information management and decision making. Its primary purpose is to gather and process all of the information required to plan for and respond quickly and effectively to any  potential emergency. Inside the Command Center, incoming messages of all nature must be gathered, categorized, processed logged and displayed in order to optimize decision-making. As messages arrive, the information flows to analysts both information technology specialists and business managers  who make the initial assessment as to whether the information that has arrived is indeed an emergency incident. If and when they determine that a disruption must be treated as an emergency incident, then the incident must be posted to an Operations Log. With the incident established in the Operations Log, your incident response gets underway with triage that determines the priority and type of response. You must select the response and recovery plan most appropriate to that incident. In the event that no plan for that incident or location has been prepared, a plan with similar types of response activities can be activated and modified. This plan should provide the guidance you will need to apply appropriate response personnel and resources.


Business Continuity International

Will carry out an assessment of your command centre to ascertain whether or not the processes and procedures that are in place are viable.

Should you have no Command Centre, Business Continuity International will help you design, build and test your EOC.

The EOC assessment will include:


Build type

Infrastructure in place


 call trees

Communication and Intelligence

Command and Control


We can also help you in selecting the right information gathering tools / software

Two-way communications

Automated response and recovery checklists

Response and Recovery Checklists


Business Continuity Plan tracking and monitoring

Resource tracking

Public Information and Executive Briefings

Redundant communications systems

Management of diverse data elements



This is can be quite daunting, but  with the right management approach and tools, your Command Center be set up successfully,  saving your organization time, money and frustration every step of the way. 

If a disaster occurs, your organization will have protection for employees, shareholders assuring the continuity of your enterprise.

 Being well prepared for disasters should make your organization resilient and provide continuity of your operations. Whether caused by an employee disgruntlement, a fire, denial of access, terrorist attack, the event information management principles and procedures described above are absolutely essential to the well being of your organization.


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