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Health and Safety:

"Just about every corporate I have come accross that has sound HSE practices in place has been brought about  by customer demand ".

"HSE is not just about, putting on a plaster or carrying out defensive driving, it is a sound stratergy to not only  increase revenue, but more importantly it is about life safety"protecting your workforce and letting everyone out there know you care including your employees, this can also be used in conjunction with training as with anything as providing a career ladder.

Good HSE practice should be rewarded, especially to your employees.

HSE is far to often brushed under the carpet, especially by the smaller more local companies.

Business Continuity International will help your company to reach highest  HSE standards by using our expert in-house team of HSE specialists.

We will ensure that  your  HSE policies and practices meet - quality, health, safety, security and environmental standards  ot help it become an established culture for management and all employees. 

By ensuring that prevention of accidental risk and loss from process failure is a recognized,  and becomes an integral part of  your  continuous improvement culture.

HSE is a line management responsibility that requires visible commitment, leadership and involvement. Through our  proactive established HSE culture, which will  be understood, shared and practiced by all employees as then become an integral part of everyday business. 

Fundamental to this culture it is our belief that all losses of people, property and process result from management failure and are preventable.

We envision a quality and service culture that will enable you to exceed customer expectations, actively involve all employees in the continuous improvement process, and enhance profitable growth. 


We will help you strive for a zero defect culture:

  • no accidents
  • no loss to process
  • no harmful emissions
  • no health-related incidents
  • no lapses in security

This zero defect culture shall be attained through:

  • commitment, leadership and involvement of line management
  • standards of mandatory HSE training for all personnel
  • HSE training provided 
  • maximized efficiency and synergy through sharing resources
  • HSE integration in all product development
  • provide creation of a QHSE career ladder

Management System

The  HSE Management System defines the principles by which you should be conducting y our operations  with regard to the quality of your services and products; the health and safety of your customers, employees, contractors inluding protection of the environment.

This HSE philosophy should  be communicated to all employees, customers, contractors and third parties associated with your business, and each product group must provide evidence of conformance to this Management System.

The QHSE Management System model comprises eight interrelated components:

  • Commitment and Leadership
  • Policies and Objectives
  • Organization and Resources
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Design and Planning
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Assessment and Continuous Improvement


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