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Plan Testing

How can you be sure your business continuity plans deal effectively with a wide range of potential disruptions or disasters? How can you be certain all the elements of your complex enterprise will recover using these plans or that they will stand up to an audit by the regulator ?

A comprehensive, multi-dimensional and on going BCP DRP  testing program is the only way to achieve the level of confidence you and your senior executives expect. 

Business Continuity International testing experts can design, manage and help execute a testing program for your organization with consultants available to:

  • Assess your test experience and BCP / DRP  objectives
  • Recommend the type of tests that validate your enterprise’s recovery objectives
  • Design a long range testing program with clear, usable management metrics
  • Prepare meaningful test scenarios, learning objectives, and success criteria
  • Manage the staging and execution of scheduled tests
  • Use command center tools to capture auditable, team actions, communication details, improvements and lessons learned during the test
  • Develop pre and post test action plans to fill the gaps, prioritize organizational issues and plan improvements to your business continuity program.
  • Recommend training and awareness curricula for test participants
  • Review/Analyze the integration of plan maintenance and testing
  • Develop training programs for future BCP test managers.

Business Continuity Plans can be progressively tested to confirm that maximum benefit is derived. The Methodology consists of the following phases:

 Plan Audit

Business Continuity International will comment on the overall effectiveness of the plans and may suggest adjustment are made to the plans before any further test phases are commenced.

Passive Walk Through

This Phase will increase the awareness for all  participants concerning  their roles. Test Modules will be used to ensure a constant and structured approach.

Scenario Workshop

A Test Scenario is compiled based upon realistic circumstances to your industry / location and potential threats especially if you are an "icon" company. The participants will be asked to invoke the plans and to perform their individual roles in order to recover from the scenario.

Physical Test

As a result of the Scenario Workshop, the Physical Test will involve the actual attendees at the recovery site.
and are in order.

Live Simulation Test

As a result of the preceding phases, a live Simulation Test is the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of the plans. The Live Simulation Test should only be attempted when a high degree of confidence has been generated by the successful completion of the previous phases and consensus to the Live Test.

A Recovery Test Status Report will be produced at the end of each phase of the test with recommendations for improvement in the short, medium and long term provided with an ongoing maintenance program.



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